Haitians gangs men killed chief of police and carried away the weapons

According to the source, a Police detachment in Copey was robbed, where the chief of the detachment was killed and the gangs men stole all the weapons including the victim deceased’s weapon. They were on board of a car and they left it abandoned. They proceeded to dock a truck loaded with sausages.  They were heading to the port the port of Los llanos in the truck that was stolen

In the last 2 weeks more than Dominicans were killed by Haitians immigrants, majority of the criminal were illegal Haitians, which makes it extremally complicated to the crimes investigations, the arrests of  these criminals, leaving the authorities helpless in resolving these cases with no one individual arrested, as these criminals cannot be identified because of the lacks of identification documents, so once the crime is executed, the criminals flee from town to town, or simply cross the border to Haiti. As easy as that these criminals disappear, leaving no trace of personal identification and get and away with crimes.

Furthermore most of the time the press and the media neglect to publish this type of news when criminal Haitians are involved. Much less the Government pays little or no interest to these violence crimes when it comes to illegal Haitian immigrants, although the murder crimes executed by illegals Haitians has been rapidly on the rise for the past 5 years, even though many of these mass killings are considered hate crimes against Dominican citizens.

Last year the statistics of these type of crimes committed by illegal Haitians against Dominican was of estimated 1, 200, killed mostly killed with machetes. Others victims who survived to the Haitian machete’s were also mutilated; these victims are now missing legs, eyes, or missing arms.

This was another militar victim that fell on the hands of these Haitian gangs. They entered the detachment where he was stationed, they killed him without a word and carried away all the weapons that were in the place.