Silence before US pressure for RD-China ties

Santo Domuingo.-The Government remains silent in the face of pressure from the United States and its threats to cut aid received by the country, after establishing diplomatic relations with China.

No official version has been issued following the warnings made by the vice president of EE. UU., Mike Pence, and of the North American ambassador in El Salvador, Jean Manes, who revealed that they analyze the issue of relations with China.

El Nacional has made extraordinary efforts on two occasions to obtain the reaction of the Government regarding the position of the United States, through the Director of Communication of the Presidency, Roberto Rodríguez Marchena, and the legal consultant of the Executive Branch, Flavio Darío Espinal, without obtaining any results.

The first attempt was on October 3, when the US ambassador in El Salvador said that the Dominican Republic’s relationship with China continues to be under the scrutiny of her nation. 
That same day, the United States ambassador to the country, Robin Bernstein He visited President Danilo Medina at the National Palace and although it was not known what the diplomat talked with the president, it is an open secret that he went to complain about the recently initiated relations with China.

The Presidency reported that the meeting was held “in an environment of cordiality, both discussed issues of common interest for both nations.”

The second attempt, with Rodríguez Marchena, was on Thursday, October 4, when national newspapers published that the vice president of the United States, Mike Pence, condemned the breakdown of the Dominican Republic’s relations with Taiwan.

It was also tried that day to get the reaction of the legal consultant, Espinal, who took the lead when it announced the breakdown of relations with Taiwan and the beginning of relations with China.

Both reactions were sought via WhatsApp and to date none has responded to the message.

“The Government of the Dominican Republic recognizes that there is only one China in the world and Taiwan is an inalienable part of Chinese territory,” said the legal advisor to the Executive Branch on May 1 when he announced the breakdown of relations with Taiwan, after pointing out how determining factor the commercial potential of China “that is the second supplier of our imports”.

The US vice president accused China of providing a “lifeline” to Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, with the credits granted to Venezuela in exchange for oil, and condemned that Panama, the Dominican Republic and El Salvador have broken ties with Taiwan.

“Beijing has provided a lifeline to the corrupt and incompetent Maduro regime in Venezuela, promising $ 5 billion in questionable loans that can be paid for with oil,” Pence said in a speech on China at the Hudson Institute.

The US ambassador in El Salvador warned that “they will continue to analyze relations and also politics, but that will last for a few weeks and months, because we are talking about a process that the White House, the Congress and different agencies that are involved “, according to information released by the EFE agency.

Manes explained that this process began with the call for consultations on September 7 to her, the ambassador in the Dominican Republic, Robin Bernstein, and the charge of Business in Panama, Roxanne Cabral.

“These conversations are continuing in Washington,” although the ambassadors returned to El Salvador, the Dominican Republic and Panama, and explained that they continue to “participate in this conversation by telephone, video conference and all methods.”

“There were a number of opinions on what to do, from cutting off all the help to doing things differently,” said Ambassador Manes without mentioning the officials who proposed them.

The legal consultant announced the establishment of diplomatic relations, which in turn annulled a bond of more than 75 years between Taiwan and the Dominican State.

Source El nacional.