Captured Haitians who killed couple of husbands in Pedernales

The National Police arrested three Haitians and persecutes another as alleged perpetrators of the murder of the couple Julio Reyes Matos Pérez and Neiba Féliz Urbáez, who were murdered on February 20 on a plot of their property in the site of Sitio Quemado, of the agricultural community of Las Mercedes.

Haitian nationals Wlkin Nobil, Luis Bom and Yedy Lay Nobil were arrested on Sunday at the hill of Charco Blanco, in the municipality of Paraíso, by arrest order number 502-2017 that weighed against them. 

The death of the couple of husbands had aroused serious protests in the streets by relatives and residents of Pedernales, to the point of giving a 24-hour ultimatum to Haitian nationals residing in sectors and communities of Pedernales to leave the city.

This situation prompted the military and police authorities to convene an emergency a few days later a meeting with relatives of the murdered husbands and settlers with whom mediation was reached to avoid border conflict between Dominicans and Haitians.

The death paralyzed in those months the bilateral market that takes place Monday and Friday of each week, due to the tension and fear that was generated between merchants of both sides and that was on the verge of provoking revenge against Haitians.

The men were detained in neighboring Haiti, with whom the Dominican Republic managed their extradition to the country. It is unknown when they would have been released in their country.

A police report reports that the arrests were made by a patrol consisting of First Lieutenant William Matos Mejía, Human Resources Officer of the Dicrim Department, Corporal Yerson Adrían Alcántara Pérez and Juan Miguel Valdez Satin, commanded by Colonel Tejeda Báez, from the Pedernales barracks.

The police reported that the arrests originated through mediation to a relative of the victim, who reported that the killers of their parents were housed in the spot Charco Blanco of the municipality of Paraíso, “where they were captured and seized a machete knife of approximately 19 inches brand acorn, black leg tied with rubber bands, and a five-inch saw knife with black handle “.

A report by the Pedernales police reports that the 23-year-old Haitian national Francisco Nobil is also being persecuted, who is on the run, due to the fact that the husband and wife Julio Reyes Pérez, 66, and Neyda Urbaez, 55, were murdered. , is last died days after his internment in the Ney Arias Lora Trauma Hospital of Santo Domingo, product of the serious wounds he received from a knife.