Christians give seven laps to Congress to tear down the walls of corruption

Despite the rain, members of seven Christian churches of the National District gave seven laps to the Congress meaning the passage of the Bible where the people of Israel achieved the collapse of the walls, only that, on this occasion, the walls they are trying to tear down are the of corruption in the country’s public institutions.

The walk began with a moment of praise and prayer for the congressmen especially “for the corrupt, those who legislate for personal benefit and those who live in a double moral.”

The parishioners, led by Pastor Geovanny Medrano, sang praises with tambourines, guitars, some with umbrellas in their hands, to take shelter from the water, and dressed in red during their tour around the Congress.

They also applauded, whistled and shouted praises along the way. At the end, they gave a big ovation with the hope of being heard inside the building and its surroundings.

The initiative is part of what these seven churches have called “Breaking the Sin” action that, as announced, will repeat within three weeks in the National Palace and then in the Palace of Police. On November 6 they will hold a national day of prayer.

The initiative seeks that those in public office have a better performance in their functions to reduce the levels of corruption in the country.



Source: Listin Diario