Users of public transportation stop traffic in protest at the high cost of fuel

Outraged and full of impotence and frustration, public transport passengers joined the protest due to the high cost of fuel. The users of the transport, seeing that they were not able to comply with work schedules and other demands, prostrated themselves in the middle of 27 de Febrero street and stopped the traffic joining several protests that were carriing out due to the high cost of fuels.  Although the government has frozen fuel prices, it has refused to lower its price.


Protestants have expressed their displeasure at the government’s indifference, the high cost and the frequent rise in fuel prices.

In the UASD Autonomous University of Santo Domingo there were also major incidents between Protestants and the police who tried to contain the protests in the area.

The stoppage by FENATRANO National Transport Federation presided over by Juan Hubieres; It was completely fulfilled, which caused many of its users to be prevented from going to their jobs, to do errands and meet their medical appointments, so users decided to join the protests also to understand that the rise in fuel prices It also affects them.