Haitian women surpass Dominicans in childbirths of maternity


Mayor Abel Martinez said yesterday that of a total of 1,193 deliveries that occurred in the period from July 1 to September 30 of this year in the Doña Renée Klang de Guzmán, Santiago maternity, 646 correspond to undocumented foreigners, the Haitian majority.

Martinez said that of that number of foreigners, 450 gave birth as normal and another 196 with cesareans.

The official expressed concern about the statistics registered by hospitals regarding the large number of illegal Haitian parturients who arrive here with plans to give birth.

The mayor of Santiago meant that, according to official data, between these cases are born between two to three neonates and the vast majority are illegal aliens.

“If in just two months in one of our hospitals there are 1,193 deliveries and more than half are of Haitian women, this represents an unbearable burden for the hospital budget and consequently the quality of health for the Dominicans who are seriously affected” , observed Martinez.

Same situation throughout the country
The local mayor said that if this happens in Santiago, it is almost certain that the same situation is occurring throughout the national territory and if, we add the number of hospitals with deliveries that are recorded each month, the figures of Haitians who enter this territory are really alarming.

Some 2,293 Haitian women came to give birth at the Maternidad Doña René Klang de Guzmán in 2017.

In the case of the maternity hospital of the President Estrella Ureña hospital in Santiago, Martínez, she added that of the 6,624 women who lit up in 2017, 2,893 were found to be Haitians who entered the country.

This, according to the chief building executive of this municipality, represented approximately 43 percent of the total of those who gave birth in that maternity.

He also commented that the director of the hospital of the Woman of Santiago, Juan Ferreira, said that most of those patients lacked all kinds of documents.

He also complained that this year the births of children of Haitian mothers in maternal hospitals in the country continue to increase, showing a tendency to continue rising, according to hospital records.


On the other hand, he warned of the danger posed to the country by the serious situation of instability that the neighboring nation experiences due to the protests, which could degenerate into a massive exodus of illegal immigrants.

Mayor Martínez warned that the serious situation of instability that the Republic of Haiti is experiencing due to street demonstrations could degenerate into a massive exodus of illegal immigrants into the territory of the Dominican Republic.

In the first three months of this year, the two main maternity hospitals in the capital added 1,417 births to foreign mothers, of which 98% are Haitian and two percent Venezuelan or other nationalities.

Amount of annual expenditure
The authorities of the health system estimate in more than four billion pesos a year the expense represented by hospital services to serve the thousands of Haitians, including pregnant women, who fill the rooms and units every day. intensive care of our public assistance centers.