199 migrants from Africa, Asia and Haiti are arrested in Guatemala

GUATEMALA CITY. Guatemalan authorities detained 199 people from Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Eritrea, Sri Lanka and Haiti, in controls on the caravan of Honduran migrants traveling to the United States, an official source said Friday.

The people were arrested in recent days because they lacked documents to “enter and stay in Guatemala,” the Guatemalan Migration Institute said in a statement.

The note states that the undocumented were transferred to a shelter of the institution until their immigration status is resolved.

The migrants were captured in operations carried out by a second caravan made up of some 1,500 Hondurans, according to a local human rights body, who entered Guatemala last Saturday with the intention of reaching the United States on foot.

“Migration is a universal right, however it must be carried out within the legal framework established in each country, without exposing the physical integrity of people,” the migration agency added.

The first caravan of Hondurans, who left on October 13, marches through southern Mexico with around 7,000 people, according to UN estimates.

The second wave that walks through Guatemala, in which small children are also counted, has already been fragmented into groups that advance on foot or hitchhiker, seeking to reach different border crossings.