Suspect of massacre in Pittsburgh, USA says that all Jews should die


PITTSBURGH. Police said the suspect in the synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh told officers that the Jews were committing genocide and wanted them all to die.

In an affidavit of arrest released Sunday morning, police said that Robert Gregory Bowers managed to kill eight men and three women in the Tree of Life synagogue before he was shot by a police team that had tracked him down. .

An agent said in the document that at a time when he was being treated for his injuries, Bowers said the Jews “committed genocide against their people.”

In the Vatican, Pope Francis denounced the “inhuman act of violence” and prayed that the “flames of hatred” that fueled him would end.

Bowers is accused of 11 homicides, six aggravated assaults and ethnic intimidation.

The man who expressed his hatred for the Jews exploited a vulnerable point common to many houses of prayer throughout the country: the doors opened.

Bowers, armed with a rifle and three pistols, entered the synagogue Tree of Life on Saturday during the sabat office, opened fire, killed 11 people and wounded six others in what is believed to be the deadliest attack on the Jews in the history of the United States.

The police entered the building and exchanged fire with the aggressor, who received several injuries but survived.

Four of the six injured are police officers.

“Please know that justice in this case will be applied quickly and harshly,” said Scott Brady, the chief US attorney for western Pennsylvania, at a press conference near dusk, describing the massacre as an “act of terrible and ineffable hate. “

This massive shooting comes amid a wave of high-profile bombings in an increasingly divided country the day after a Florida man was arrested and charged with mailing a series of homemade bombs to prominent Democrats and when Little more than a week before the legislative elections.

The shooting immediately revived the long-standing national arms debate: President Donald Trump said the outcome could have been different if the synagogue “had some kind of protection” with an armed guard, while the Pennsylvania Democratic governor, Tom Wolf, He noted that once again “dangerous weapons are putting our citizens in situations of risk”.

Victims were of legal age

Trump said he planned to travel to Pittsburgh, but did not give details.

The 11 dead on Saturday in the shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue were identified and their families notified, authorities said Sunday.

“After a difficult job of the forensic, the 11 victims were identified and then families were notified,” said Robert Jones, FBI agent in charge of the investigation, at a press conference.

Among the victims, aged between 54 and 97, are a couple and two brothers, said Karl Williams, head of the medical team, at the conference. AFP