The sad reality of the dominican people

Like a new form of discrimitation, segregation and dispossession of their rights, of their own citizens, in their own country.  The Dominican people are the victims of Haitian invasion, without any punisment,  and the dominican authorities only acts in favor of illigal haitians.

An illegal haitian burned the house of a dominican lady. She filed a complaint to the police and they caught him and held him the police station for a few hours, them released him. It is an injustice, “there is not justice” expressed the lady in desperation, impotence and tears, “they realesed him and now my life is in danger” “I fear for my life”.


The victim lady was filled with impotence as she seeing how her perpetrator was released, with the pretext of no enough proofs, but no court and no judge to determine that.

As many thousands of the crimes committed by haitians agaisnt dominicans, this crime will laso remain unpunished.

The victim lady stated that if the crime was committed by any dominican citizen, the criminal would be now in jail.

Journalist: “Do you fear for your life?” “Of course!! I fear for my life and the life of my brothers too”