Prosecutors suspended

Prosecutors who acted in an attorney agreement which led woman be killed by ex couple were suspended


SANTO DOMINGO.   The Superior Council of the Public Ministry temporarily suspended the holders of the Fiscal Office of San Pedro de Macorís and the Integral Attention Unit for Victims of Gender Violence of this jurisdiction, Pedro Núñez Jiménez and Margarita Hernández Morales , respectively, while the investigations into alleged irregularities that would have been committed in the criminal proceedings against Mr. Yasmil Oscar Fernández, who caused the death of his ex-partner Anibel González, are being carried out.

Regarding this case, the institution clarified the details about the report prepared by the prosecutor attached to said unit, Luz Aurora Almonte dated February 28 of this year, where it disclosed the partial agreement in case of attempted murder, highlighting that the same was requested by the Deputy Prosecutor and General Director of Persecution of the Public Ministry, Fernando Quezada, taking into account that previously he had ordered the prosecutor Pedro Núñez to conduct an investigation into probable irregularities in the judicial process of this same case.

He indicated in this regard, that as soon as he learned that the aforementioned partial agreement had been implemented, on February 11, 2019, Judge Fernando Quezada remitted to the prosecutor Pedro Núñez a job by means of which he was ordered to conduct an exhaustive investigation around at the same to establish if there were irregularities, which to date had not concluded.

Precisely for not having concluded that investigation and the new facts that ended in a tragedy that could compromise their responsibility, the governing body of the Public Ministry ordered its suspension yesterday.

In the communication addressed by Judge Fernando Quezada to prosecutor Pedro Núñez on February 12, 2019, he ordered the following: Politely, we require you to carry out an exhaustive investigation in relation to the criminal proceeding put in charge of citizen Yasmil Oscar Fernández (Ray), charged for attempted homicide and aggravated intrafamily violence, to the detriment of Mrs. Anibel González Ureña, given the surreptitious and illogical form as a “partial agreement” that favors the accused was implemented, ignoring this office who authorized said agreement, violation of general instruction issued by the Attorney General of the Republic.

The institution of the justice system through a press release informed that this case will be taken to the last consequences and that in the case that the prosecutors Pedro Núñez Jiménez and Margarita Hernández Morales committed irregularities in the exercise of functions, the measures will be adopted corresponding.