The Dominican Republic spends millions subsidizing Haitian births.

While many dominican women wait in line to be assisted for lack of delivery rooms and patient beds, plus in most cases health services are danied. The Dominican Republic spends millions subsidizing Haitian births


A delivery that is complicated can generate a cost to the hospital service that reaches up to 25 thousand pesos, while in case of a complicated C-section the patient can consume up to 60 thousand pesos from the hospital budget.

That is the average cost for services estimated in the Maternity Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia, the main national reference center, where according to newspaper reports last year there were 9,553 births, of which 3,228 were foreign mothers, for 35%.

The report indicates that the cost of delivery without complications is 7 thousand pesos and with complications ranges from 15 to 25 thousand pesos, while the cesarean section without complications with a stay of 48 to 72 hours is 11,500 pesos and with complications the patient consumes 3,800 pesos daily, getting to consume 25 to 60 thousand pesos during their stay.

On the service of newborns, without complications, the attention to a newborn is calculated in the hospital that implies a consumption of 1,063 pesos a day and with complications in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the daily investment is 25,381 pesos.

Registries of the National Health Service (SNS) indicate that so far this year in 21 hospitals of the public network prioritized with delegations of Civil Status Registry, 38,951 were notified, of which 31,807 children were registered in said delegations to a coverage of 81.66 percent. Of that total 10,156 were children of foreign mothers, of which 7,568 were enrolled in the Alien Book.

While so mamy million pesos are being spent on haitian parturients, more than often  health service are been denied to dominican women, furthermore many times they have to be assisted on the waiting room chairs or on the floor by lack of bed and delivery rooms. Besides of all these harship that dominican parturient go through, they also must have a heath insurance or they must pay out of their pocket in order to receive assintance at most public hospitals