Multi-million pesos political campaign


The candidates reported their expenses and income to the JCE for the first time. The candidates who reported the most in both lines were those of the PLD
Gonzalo declared contributions for RD $ 291 million and Leonel for RD $ 274 million

Like if it were nothing and the million of pesos squandered on this political campaingh would not hurt the country’s anyone, it concluded within Friday for the presidential candidates of the parties of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and Revolutionary Modern (PRM), who will attend in simultaneous primaries on October 6 deposited with the Central Electoral Board (JCE) a first report expenses and income related to the pre-campaign period.

At the end of this Friday, the JCE informed that the presidential candidate for the PLD Gonzalo Castillo declared contributions of RD $ 291,543,943.49 and expenses of RD $ 269,683,427.50.

Leonel Fernández declared income of RD $ 247,000,000.00 and RD $ 177,288,443.40 of expenses.

Rosa Maritza Hernández declared contributions of RD $ 17,201,140.53 and expenses of RD $ 15,403,491.02; and Melanio Paredes declared expenses of RD $ 861,407.30.

On the other hand, the report presented by the PRM presidential candidate Luis Abinader declared contributions of RD $ 35,578,730.84 and expenses of RD $ 43,300,086.10.

For that party, Hipólito Mejía declared contributions of RD $ 5,450,000.00 and expenses of RD $ 4,026,600.00.

While also aspiring Wellington Arnaud declared monthly expenses of RD $ 158,500.00.

José Rafael Bueno declared income of RD $ 700,000.00 and expenses of RD $ 700,000.00.

Ramón Burgos declared contributions of RD $ 10,000,000.00 and expenses of RD $ 9,700,000.00

The delivery of the reports was made during the course of this Friday, September 20 via the General Secretariat of the Central Electoral Board.