Dominican Navy ship arrives in the Bahamas with donations after Hurricane Dorian

The admiral-height ship Didiez Burgos of the Dominican Navy arrived to Bahamas, after navigating for 5 days to bring the amount of 35 thousand tons of food and medicine to the island, for those affected by the hurricane Dorian .

The ship sailed Monday in the afternoon from the San Souci station , carrying the donation of food and medicine, as well as lifeguards brigades made up of 62 members of the Navy, National Army and Dominican Air Force.

The Navy spokesman, ship captain José Geraldo Fajardo , said the donation, sent by the Dominican government through the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs, was immediately delivered to the official authorities of The Bahamas.

Meanwhile, members of the Dominican Armed Forces joined the same Saturday to the work of removing the rubble of houses and buildings that were destroyed by the passage of Hurricane Dorian through the island.

The natural phenomenon not only caused destruction in the Bahamas, but left a large number of victims and missing persons, in some cases several members of the same family, according to reports from the island.