Dominican Republic is the most advanced country in the Latin America Olympics mathematics

SANTO DOMINGO. – The Dominican Republic, represented by students of the public and private system, has been the country that has made the most progress in the last three years during the celebration of the Ibero-American Mathematics Olympics, for which it received the Puerto Rico Cup that is awarded to the nation with greater achievements in the matter.

On this occasion, when the XXXIV version of the Olympics was held, held in Guanajuato (Mexico), the Dominican delegation won three honorable mentions and the Puerto Rico Cup.

The Dominican students Franco Almonte Bacci, from the New Horizons school; Isanny Tejada Guzmán, of the Center of Excellence of Los Guaricanos; Cristina Billini Morales, of the Fe y Alegría Educational Center, and Jin Woo Lee, of the Bonao Educational Center, achieved a notable participation, in a delegation led by the teacher Julio Antonio Manzueta and the tutor César Santis Glass.

Reaching the Puerto Rico Cup is an international achievement for the Ministry of Education, as it strengthens the work being done in favor of the teaching-learning process that promotes the Educational Revolution of President Danilo Medina.

“By participating in this Olympiad our students were able to accept a great challenge and demonstrate the potential they have in the area of ​​mathematics. We are very proud of the results, ”said Professor Octavio Galán, a member of the General Directorate of the Minerd Curriculum.

He said that these students are trained for months to reach the level that is required when participating in this type of contest. The process begins with the district Olympics, then regional ones, they continue in the national ones and hence the best results are chosen to represent the nation.

Galán said that although the mention of honor is not a medal, it represents a great advance for national education “because the outstanding role of our students is being recognized and that speaks very well of what we are doing in teaching. We are missing, but we are doing very well. ”

The mention of honor consists of an acknowledgment given to the student who correctly solves at least one of the six problems that arise in the competition, which shows that these are complex formulas and resolutions that require high cognitive ability.