Haitian mob armed with machetes and sticks attacked Dominican farmers in the city of Dajabón DR

Dajabón. Dominican Republic – Farmers of the Coco and Sánchez Zone of this municipality were attacked this Wednesday with stones, machetes and sticks, by a  mob of Haitian criminals, who penetrate their properties to remove their compatriots who work on agricultural land.

According to the complainants, the situation has occurred on several occasions in the place on the other side of the Masacre River, where they also allege that the lands belong to them.

The foreigners arrived armed and we had to run away, due to the numerical superiority, explained the victims, who reside in the communities of La Vigía, Cañongo and Sánchez.

Leybi Sander, said on behalf of the affected landowners that the group consisted of 60 or 70 armed men, who threaten them that they should not cross the river to go to their farms because they belong to their country, even though they are on this side. of the pyramids number 3 and 4 that divide the island.

The parceleros said they were afraid of what happened, since they do not have any type of security, so they called the attention of the military authorities to intervene in the conflict that this is creating in this part of the border.

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