Historian warns DR is at risk of losing its sovereignty

undefined EL NUEVO DIARIO, SANTO DOMINGO.-The renowned historian Manuel, warned that the Dominican Republic is the only country that risks losing its independence because Haitians insist on annulling Dominican sovereignty by trying to change history in their own way.

“Haitians aim to destroy the sovereignty of the Dominican Replica and sow confusion, but this is something we must not allow,” he said.

Núñez added that Dominicans have the right to exist as an independent nation, and Haitians have wanted to discredit Dominican independence without any historical weight.

The historian issued his statements in an interview carried out by the panel of communicators made up of Jaime Rincón, Aneury Ramírez and Euclides Marmolejos, on the program El Nuevo Diario en la Tarde, which is broadcast on the digital platform of El Nuevo Diario TV.

“They have presented that Dominicans do not want to be Haitians, but who wants to be Haitian? Even the Africans do not want to be, Dominicans want to be Dominicans because that is why it was fought and the Haitians have no real historical support to say otherwise, “he said.

He specified that the problem for Haitians is that they understand that a historical convergence must be reached, which will be impossible because the heroes of Haiti are the executioners of the Dominicans.

“You can not have in the history of the Dominican Republic the executioners of Dominicans, people who mistreated us over the years when we were under their rule,” he said.

He urged that Dominicans continue to fight to be independent from Haiti and remain loyal to the legacy of Juan Pablo Duarte and to the blood of all those who gave their lives so that we are free and sovereign from all foreign domination, “he concluded.

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